Partnership Between Joi and DirectScale

July 15, 2021
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Social-selling bot, Joi, teams up with dominant network marketing software company

Greenville, SC
- Joi is the first social-selling bot that allows network marketers to sell their products directly on Facebook. Booster TV, the company behind Joi, is pleased to announce their partnership with one of the premier software companies in the network marketing industry, DirectScale.

Based in Lindon, UT, DirectScale is well-known for providing comprehensive, easy-to-use software for many top-tier network marketing companies throughout the world. Their impressive list of clients feature some of the top brands in the industry. The DirectScale team’s focus on innovative technology and “person-to-person” commerce makes them the perfect partner for Joi.

This partnership allows Joi to connect Facebook with the inventory and payment systems of the clients DirectScale services. Distributors of these clients can then sell their products seamlessly on Facebook, rather than processing orders via invoices or lengthy website forms. Buyers will simply click the “buy” button on a Facebook post, triggering the Joi bot to appear in buyers’ Facebook Messenger app and process the payment.

Commenting on the partnership, Booster TV CEO, Michael Stevens, remarked, “DirectScale has quickly earned a dominant position in the network marketing industry, due to their unique software and highly skilled team. We are excited to integrate Joi into their system and provide quick payment processing for their clients and distributors. This partnership nicely positions Joi for early success and rapid scalability.”

The two companies’ teams are currently working together to integrate Joi into the DirectScale software. Future announcements will be made as Joi integrates with DirectScale’s clients.

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