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Display a "shop now" button on your Facebook posts.

Your Sales

Joi accepts the buyer's payment in Facebook Messenger for you.


Buyers submit their orders in a few easy, breezy steps.


A fast and easy checkout process increases sales dramatically.


Watch how your posts are performing in real time.

Buyers Smile

Joi celebrates each purchase with fun animations and GIFs.

Get Started

Sign up for a free account and select which company you represent. Don't see your company on the list? Please message us today and let us know so you can be added to the waitlist!

Create Post

After Joi magically syncs with your company's inventory, select the product you would like to sell, write your post, and then publish the post to your Facebook page or profile.

Let Joi Work

When buyers tap the "shop now" button on your post, the Joi bot automatically messages them and accepts their payment in Facebook Messenger. It's as simple as that :)

Let’s get started

Sign up for a free account so you can start selling products directly on Facebook! If your company wants to partner with Joi, please contact us today for a quick demo.



Yep, it's that easy 😉
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Automate your sales
  • Expedite checkouts
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  • No setup fees
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Joi only work with Facebook?
Currently, Joi is focused on the Facebook platform, but there are plans to roll out an integration for Instagram in the very near future 🙂 And who knows… there may be opportunities to integrate Joi with even more social media platforms down the road as well.
Does Joi save customers' payment information?
It depends on the company Joi is integrated with. In most cases, the customer's payment information is saved on file after the first purchase is made. This allows customers to quickly and easily buy products without having to type in their payment information.
When will Joi be integrated with my company?
Our goal is to integrate Joi with every company in the network marketing industry. If Joi is not connected with your company yet, please send us a message to join our waitlist. We’ll let you know when Joi can work for you!
Can I use Joi during a Facebook Live?
Right now, Joi is not integrated with Facebook Live, but there are plans to launch this functionality in the very near future. There is definitely a need to demonstrate products in a live format, so please stay tuned for updates!